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Date: 9:55 pm, Sep 20 2006
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When I first started running the bot it would grab socket 31 and would connect fine. It slowly made its way up to 38 now and it wont connect at all for some reason now. Is there a way to get it to start from 31 again?

Socket Opened: 38
[05:40:02] ( > STATUS: Connecting to server...
Killing socket: 38
Closed socket: 38
[05:40:55] ( > STATUS: Error
[05:40:55] ( > Error: Connection attempt timed out
Socket Opened: 39
[05:41:55] ( > STATUS: Connecting to server...
Killing socket: 39
Closed socket: 39


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Date: 11:02 am, Sep 21 2006
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As far as i know this shouldnt be a problem (if have had a socket count of over 2000), but killing the bot and restarting it again (a _REAL_ restart) will reset the socket counter.
But it sounds like the server you are connecting to is down or some other type of error in the "bot <-> irc" connection

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Date: 7:22 pm, Sep 21 2006
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we talked about this in the channel a bit. he ended up writing a bnc module and then just going through bnc.

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