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Date: 3:02 am, Sep 14 2006
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Greetings and Salutations!

First off, let me say that I am greatly appreciative of your work on this system. I have tried for the last 4 years to find a way to bring PHP and IRC together in such a way, but have failed. When I stumbled across your system, i was blown away at the ease of use. But one feature that I noticed it didn't have, and would like to see possibly implemented into a future version, or a module ( if you, or the community even, could walk me through it, i'd do it :) ) for vhosts. I conduct business on several networks ( enterthegame.com and globalgamerscenter.net ) where vhosts are used.

Again, an implementation in future versions would be AWESOME!

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Date: 5:27 am, Sep 15 2006
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Should be pretty easy with a module. Unfortunately I don't have the time to implement it. If you were to start out a module, I could walk you through any problems that may arise, but that's all I can give at the moment.

PHP-IRC Developer
Post #690
Date: 5:31 am, Mar 7 2008
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Hey manick, I lost my login info for LifeProphecy, so I created a new account, and re-downloaded everything... And I was wondering, have you had anyone request a vHOST module or something to the like? I'm working on one now, and hopefully, will be done soon. This is taking a huge learning curve on my part, but in the end, i would like to share it with the world if possible :D

by the way, any input you could offer would be greatly appreciated :D

Post #715
Date: 10:50 pm, Apr 10 2008
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If you really need vhosts, run it through a bnc that supports them (znc has a web interface; it would probably be pretty simple to create a button on it that connects a bot to a certain account)

Post #1157
Date: 1:52 pm, Jul 20 2015
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i just added #vhost channel support in my simple example perform mod at github it required a change in ircClass since it was missing "partChannel"

change to irc.php see first at

see https://github.com/g2x3k/php-irc/blob/master/modules/perform/perform_mod.php#L41

for the full mod :)

efreak: a bot thru bnc /me shakes head

Post #1159
Date: 10:34 am, Jul 24 2015
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i just did another update added a delayed join option so you can set vhost and/or perform other tasks before joining channels you can set in seconds on my net 2 sec or even 1 is fine but left open so can set it

the commit is can be found Here.


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