Monitoring a Half-Life (2) gameserver with the bot

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Date: 1:43 am, Aug 17 2007
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hmm. :(

Well then, I'll take a look around and see what I can find out about this php-irc stuff, and see if I'm able to put one together then.


Post #610
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Date: 7:32 am, Aug 17 2007
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Well i doubt the php-irc side is going to be a problem.
What did my head in was getting multipacket responses to work (for example "rcon cvarlist" response or "rcon status" response when there are loads of people on the server).

I have all the basics worked out and a fair part of all the extra features i want in it, but just ain't ready for a public release yet.
I might strip it down to the basic version and release that in the mean while, but yet again the time issue comes at hand.....

Post #611
Date: 12:16 pm, Aug 17 2007
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well, I have a complete rcon class that does handle multipacket responses just fine. Sounds like we just need to marry our code.
do you want my class files, and some example code, or do you want to send me what you have?


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