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Date: 8:23 pm, Apr 30 2006
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Hey all,

Im new to this project. I was just wondering if someone here could post some screenshots of the bot working.


Post #196 - Reply to (#195) by hungry_foolish
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Date: 11:28 pm, Apr 30 2006
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Welcome to the forums!

On your question, I'm doubtful that a screenshot could actually be useful, as most of the functions and what not are open ended. The bot doesn't really come with anything in particular save a few modules like a quotes system and !rules etc like script. It was really meant for people to write their own functions/modules. (And hopefully share them on this site.. which is new by the way)

I tried to take some screenshots of the administration interface as that's the only thing I could see as being appropriate for a screenshot.

This first one shows a bit of the logging in and "help" functions, which outlines the default bundled commands that php-irc comes with.

This shows a bit of the other commands, "botinfo".. "timers".. I dunno, some random stuff.

And this one here show's the loaded modules... and the bot connecting to another server...

Like I said, these are really nothing special. You have to download and take a look at it yourself I think before you can really get a feel for what php-irc can do.

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