Can't send any msg while function is running

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Date: 10:46 pm, Jun 11 2011
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Hi. I don't know if there still is someone reading here, but I'm having an issue writing a PHP-IRC module.

In my module, a function needs to check a webpage for each user on the channel (with the nickname in the url). It can take a while on >150users channels, and I wanted to send a Msg like "Please wait...", but the bot don't send the message until the function's end (so, the message is useless).

I checked the command_reference.txt but privMsg with queue=0 and sendRaw (which should "send the data RIGHT away") gave me the same result.

How can I force it to send a message before the end of a function?

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Date: 9:51 pm, Jun 22 2011
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I'm just begining PHP-IRC myself, so I don't know if I can help or not, but I guess its better seeing some response than none.

How are you accessing the webpage in question? I noticed in the readme, section 9 refers to querying outside servers and the addQuery() command. Not sure if you're using that or not, or if its relevant to your issue or not.

Just throwing it out there.


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