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Date: 6:27 am, Jul 6 2010
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My bot needs to communicate on a UDP socket, and I can't tell if that's possible with the framework's socket class... so I was going to use fsockopen() and do everything the normal way.
Problem: a subsequent fread() or fgets() causes the bot to hang.

Looking through the mods, I saw one that uses php's actual socket functions. I tried those, and got NO CHANGE.

Every one of the following functions fails: fread, fgets, socket_read, socket_recvfrom. So it looks like I have no options left but to scrap this framework and try something else -- because each of those functions works fine when i put the code in its own file and run it from the command line.

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Date: 7:57 pm, Aug 12 2010
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Look at the 'Half-Life RCON' and the more up-to-date 'Source RCON' modules, if i remember correctly they both use UDP connections


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