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Date: 8:20 am, Jan 28 2006
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Extended httpd by Manick

This is an extended version of the httpd_mod found in the release of php-irc. It is an interesting development from the previous module and is worth taking a look at if you are looking into using php-irc's extended socket abilities.

Click here for the module information page.

This is a support thread. You can ask questions about this mod, or request feature changes as you wish.

PHP-IRC Developer
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Date: 12:17 pm, Nov 5 2007
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Can't seem to get this to work with auth=true. It does not promt for a username passowrd as expected just shows the "You are unauthorized to view this page!" directly.

Anyone using this and have a few pointers?

// aragno

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Date: 1:44 am, Aug 6 2008
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Same problem here.

In the httpdext module:
After I tried these settings, I copied over the htdocs folder from the standard httpd mod. The results were the same as before:

Auth on:
http://host You are unauthorized to view this page!
http://user:pass@host You are unauthorized to view this page!
Auth off:
http://host 404 Not Found
http://user:pass@host 404 Not Found

In the bot process, these are the messages that appear when I try to connect to the bot's httpd port:
Accepted new connection on: ###
Killing socket: ###
Closed socket: ###


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