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Post #1044
Date: 9:39 pm, May 22 2010
Posts: 6

urlreveal by g2x3k

looksup urls to give title and redirect warning´s

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Post #1047
Date: 7:02 pm, May 27 2010
Posts: 22

I tried loading this on my bot and sad to say but he first complained on line 17 and then when it gets triggered with a privmsg, the bot crashes. :(

It says this on startup
Rehashing Function File, please wait...
 PHP Notice:  Undefined variable: res in D:\PHP-bot\php-irc-2.2.1\parser.ph
Successfully loaded 82 functions into memory.
Socket Opened: 36
[08:58:21] (BETAZINGA@se.quakenet.org) > STATUS: Connecting to server...


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