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Date: 6:29 am, Nov 8 2009
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First of all, its a nice site and great work. Thanks Manick.

I was installing the bot according to the readme.txt file. But when I ran the bot.php it gives an error I dont really understand.

This is the error I got in the CMD.

F:\xampp\htdocs\php-irc>php.lnk bot.php bot.conf
Could not open input file: bot.php

Can anyone help me plz ?

I am using windows Vista Ultimate and XAMPP package.

And I am trying to create a Bot like the one from[url]

I want to run the Bot in a webpage.

Thanks in advance.

Post #999
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Date: 5:40 pm, Nov 9 2009
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Are you sure bot.php can be found in that directory?

Post #1000 - Reply to (#998) by dipu
Date: 7:36 pm, Nov 9 2009
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Additionally, the bot won't run in a webpage. PHP doesn't work that way for this kind of thing.

Post #1001
Date: 12:10 am, Nov 10 2009
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well the bot was not designed to run that way at all. you could use a module that controls an already running bot, or write a php module to properly execute a CLI command

I just noticed you used php.lnk instead of php....
keep in mind I do not use windows but I could have sworn lnk files do not work in command line.


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