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Date: 5:08 pm, Oct 15 2008
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Source RCON by Mad_Clog

Monitor and interact with a Source based game server (CS:S, TF2, etc). Also allows players to interact with the server based on their Steam ID.

Click here to download this module

- Customizable admin levels on a per user and global basis (irc channel operators)
- Smart name matching for maps and players, you only need to enter part of the name
- Sending commands from IRC or the game server
 - say
 - changelevel
 - map (changelevel alias)
 - kick
 - ban
 - rcon (any command)
- Log events from the server to IRC
 - Chat messages (globals, team and server)
 - Kills
 - Connects
 - Disconnects
 - Name changes
 - Team changes
 - Map changes
- Sending server status to IRC
 - Map
 - Players (x/y max)
 - Hostname
- Writing the full UDP log to disk on a per map basis
- Automatic reconnect (with configurable number of retries)
- Option to disable text markup (colors etc.) in IRC output

A detailed readme is included in the download which covers anything you need to know about this module, from setup to writing your own functionality.

- Empty, open for requests

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Date: 1:06 pm, Jan 22 2009
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Version 1.1 is now available for download.

- Added automatic reconnecting
- Added option to disable text markup (colors etc.)
- Removed bogus second parameter on 'func<Name>' functions

For anyone upgrading, if you made your own functions 'func<Name>', you need to remove the second parameter ($p_aArgs).
This has been removed cause it served no purpose.


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