Need help creating a "base" module.

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Date: 12:16 pm, Aug 10 2008
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Im trying to make a bot that voices people in #chan
when it recives a private message with the text "join" and prints a small message to #chan.

I know some PHP and shouldnt have any problems once i have a working base to start from. And i have a mIRC Script version to better describe what i want it to do.


on *:text:*:?:{

  if ($strip($1) == join) {
    if ($nick !isvoice #chan) { 
      mode #chan +v $nick
      msg #chan $nick has joined..

Don't know if it helps or not but figured ill post it anyways.

If someone could help me create the base module and base conf i would be very grateful.

Andreas Leon

Post #782
Date: 2:49 am, Aug 11 2008
Posts: 15

So basically you want the following to happen?

1. person joins and doesnt get +v
2. person /msg botnick join
3. bot /mode #chan +v person
4. bot /msg #chan person has joined

This is what you want?

Also, "on" part (trigger) goes in the .conf file and the function itself goes in the .php file.

You can use the example below, or simply use the auto-op module thats available for download and change the .conf trigger to wait for a privmsg instead of a join. The example below will only work in the one channel (#CHANNEL), which you can change if you want.

file voicer modules/voicer/voicer.conf
priv join true true true 0 voicer voicer

class voicer extends module
     $nick = irc::myStrToLower( $line[ 'fromNick' ] );
     $this->ircClass->changeMode([b]$CHANNEL[/b], "+", "v", $nick)

then add to function.conf
include modules/voicer/voicer.conf

Post #784
Date: 9:30 am, Aug 11 2008
Posts: 2

Tyvm, i didnt know you could set the "where" in the .conf, you just helped me made sense of the autoop mod :), i should be able to take it from here. Thanks again!


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