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Date: 2:13 am, Aug 6 2008
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I know that you don't intend (so far) to make a wrapper for the bot to be able to be started from a webpage, but would it be at all possible to code a web-based administration console?

I was thinking something that would load/unload modules, add/remove channels, change nick/ident/realname/server, etc. It could be loaded via the httpd or httpd_ext module.

For something similar to what I was thinking of, look at the web admin console for ZNC

It would be nice, with the modules column, to have a list of available modules (one would likely have to add them and their locations to a file)

I'll upload an example of what I mean (modified ZNC webadmin page) to http://afailed.csproject.org:5050/botconf.html when I can


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