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Date: 4:38 am, May 31 2008
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trying to figure out an alternative to init() running my timer, maybe I am just not understanding a few things.
I want my timer to run at startup, but I also have a few triggers set up. if a trigger is activated will it reinitialize the module?
if so how can we check if a timer is running and if so execute our functions yet leaving the timer alone?

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Date: 5:15 pm, Jun 3 2008
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    // check if timer <name> is set or not
    private function timer_exists($timer)
        $res = in_array($timer, array_keys($this->timerClass->getTimers()));
        if ($res === FALSE)
            return FALSE;
        return TRUE;

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Date: 10:49 am, Dec 28 2008
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As I understand it the module will not be reinitialized.

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