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Date: 8:57 pm, May 7 2008
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Various Modules by efreak

These are various modules developed for my bot. If you wish to see any of them in action, go to #EndOfTheInternet or #Games on irc.Amsterdam.NL.EU.mugglenet.com. Some of these are nsfw. Some of them are offensive. I don&#039;t want to hear about it.<br />
Very little of the coding done is mine. Mostly the code was borrowed from the original slap script here, and adapted for my own purposes.<br />
This is all there is. The unmod module does not as yet work, and is completely my coding. If you have any ideas on how to make it work, go ahead and create a module.<br />
Most of these scripts have large databases.<br />
<br />
!slap<br />
!bar<br />
Berty bott&#039;s every flavor !bean<br />
Funny !churchsign found on the internet (textual)<br />
!cnorris Chuck Norris quote script<br />
!drug dealer<br />
!eightball script with several hundred answers<br />
!emo action script<br />
!link saver<br />
random !question<br />
!rape<br />
random !saying (some are mildy to highly nsfw)<br />
!religiouslink (may be offensive)<br />
!seen script<br />
!strip dancer (nsfw)<br />
!unmod (broken; should deop bot)<br />
!wizz mod (nsfw).

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This is a support thread. You can ask questions about this mod, or request feature changes as you wish.

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Date: 4:17 pm, Dec 2 2008
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download seems to be corrupted

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Date: 5:02 am, Apr 13 2011
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download sembra essere danneggiato

download seems to be corrupted



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