Checking a database for new mysql entries, and say it in IRC channel

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Date: 6:58 pm, Nov 9 2007
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Hi everyone,

I'd like my php-irc bot to display on a irc channel whenever there is a new entry in a mysql table.

For instance, whenever someone posts a topic in the forum, it tells it.

I don't think it's very complicated to do, just a basic display of the mysql content.

I'm really not good at php, could anyone write this for me, pleaaase ? :-)

That would be really great ! Thank you

Post #1042
Date: 4:55 am, May 21 2010
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Any luck on this one? I'm very interested.


Post #1043
Date: 1:48 pm, May 21 2010
Posts: 22

since I don't, for now, run any mysql db's i won't give you any code. Probably wouldn't work anyways :P
But if you look into OMGZOLD and use some copy/paste skills you should be able to do a simple db-query and tell to a channel.


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