Mutli-Server Connect and DCC questions

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Date: 9:15 pm, Sep 10 2007
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Heres what I need to do. If you can help it would be greatly appreciated.

I need 1 bot to connect to 2 different servers.
Server1: It would Join #DW
Server2: It would Join #DW

I want to be able to type something in one and have it echo into the other. I know how to do everything EXCEPT I cant figure out a way for it to connect to two servers at once. Is there a way to do connect to two servers at once?

Question #2
"public function addChat($nick, $host, $port, $admin, $handler, $fromTimer = false)"

2a. What exactly is $host?

2b. I want to be able to DCC chat another nickname from a server that the bot is not currently connected to. So lets say the Bot is on server Alpha and a user is on Server Bravo. I want The bot to be able to DCC the user on Server Bravo..


The purpose for both of these questions is I am making a primary bot with a bunch of slave bots that will run on dif servers. I want to be able to communicate with them at any time and make sure they are up and running and if they are not to start them up.

Thank You, If you need more info I will try to be in #manekian as much as possible.

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Date: 12:58 pm, Sep 11 2007
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To connect to 2 different servers you will need to run 2 instances of the bot and have these communicate with each other.
How to do this has been discussed on the forums before, so have a look around.

I never used that function so I can't awnser your second question, sorry.


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