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Date: 8:54 am, Feb 1 2007
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Werewolf 2 by Mad_Clog

This is an irc game based on the werewolf role playing game.

This is an updated version of the mod Juice released. As there were a lot of bugs in the old one, I contacted Juice and asked for his permission to take over the mod and start working on it.

|      v2.2
|   Bugfixes:
|    -
|   Changes:
|    - Added Angel role: This is a villager who cannot be killed at night, but he can be lynched during the day
|    - Added Guardian role: This is a villager who can protect one person each night, except for himself.  
|                           If he protects the wolves target, then the target is saved and a nokillnight message is sent.
|                           If the Guardian protects a wolf, then the wolf is interrupted before reaching his original target
|                           as he has a better target to feast on, the guardian.
|                           This means the guardian dies and the original target of the wolf lives.
|                           The message sent makes it appear as if the wolf simply selected the guardian, 
|                           to prevent the guardian player from announcing who the wolf is (he doesn’t know if he protected the
|                           wolf or if he was the wolf’s target and died before making it to where he was going to protect the other person).
|    - Added Traitor role: This is a villager who, when seen at night by the seer, falsely reveals himself as a wolf.
|                          The traitor does not know he is a traitor.  The seer just simply gets a false identity of this person and it is always a villager who appears to be a wolf.
|    - Added 4 new themes: startrek, mafia, pirates, cybrid
|    - No longer using a default theme, a random theme will be choosen if none is supplied
|   ========================================
|      v2.1
|   Bugfixes:
|     - No more random people (not) dying for not voting
|     - Nick doesn't show up as 0
|     - Game doesn't crash / act strange when someone changes their nick, parts the channel or quits irc
|   Changes:
|     - All votes end when everybody that should have voted actually did so, so you don't have to wait for the time to end, speed things up a bit
|     - People that part/quit to avoid being slain still can be voted for, if they done have the highest number of votes they get killed for quiting the game, otherwise they die as they normally would due to the vote
|     - Multiple theme support
|     - Clone detection, tries to detect players playing with 2 accounts
|     - Re-written most of the old code to make better use of classes

Click here for the module information page.

This is a support thread. You can ask questions about this mod, or request feature changes as you wish.

Sorry for the new thread / mod, but this is the only way i can maintain the files, as Juice won't be working on it any longer.

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Date: 8:35 am, Feb 2 2007
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its ok

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Date: 10:08 am, Apr 24 2007
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Released version 2.2 of the mod
All credit for this release goes to Juice

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Post #589
Date: 11:54 pm, Aug 6 2007
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When i try to run the bot, i get a problem with something to do with a nick feature in typedefs. Previously, i had edited this file, and added something. Unfortunately, it was accidentally deleted and now doesnt work.

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Date: 9:00 am, Aug 13 2007
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Add the following to werewolf.conf file
type nick module function

This will be added in the next release (release date unknown), sorry for the inconvenience.

Post #698
Date: 8:31 pm, Mar 13 2008
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i had the nick problem but added the line you mentioned in your post and the cleared that one up.

I still have

Fatal error: Call to undefined function socket_create() in C:\PhpIRC\socket.php on line 411

Post #710 - Reply to (#698) by SumDumGuy
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Date: 11:25 am, Mar 27 2008
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First of all, this is not a werewolf related problem.

The error sugguests you don't have the socket extention enabled in your php configuration.
Which will result in the bot not running at all, regardless of what modules you want to run.
Please see the readme for further information about installation/configuration the bot.

Post #847
Date: 10:59 pm, Oct 10 2008
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For some reason the bot stops responding when you start a game and it's about to give the roles to people..

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Post #848
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Date: 3:19 pm, Oct 11 2008
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Not sure, I ain't touched this in ages.
Worked fine before though :s
_might_ look into when i have some more spare time

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Date: 4:27 pm, Apr 17 2009
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When skimming through IRC my eye caught the following
[05:18:35] <Efreak> http://www.assembla.com/wiki/show/werewolfmod

Apparently someone picked up where Juice and me left off.
So for all of you still playing the old version, I recommend checking out the new one here


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