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Date: 1:26 pm, Dec 6 2006
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I'm involved with a new site (called ITerating)- a wiki guide for all software (open source and commercial) and I'm working at "Website & Communication Applications" class. I added Phpbots in the wiki guide but this is all I added so far :

Description: PHP-IRC is a PHP 5 based IRC bot which employs several features such as dcc chat administration, dcc file transfer support, user-defined function modules/scripting, custom chat handlers, MySQL database support, user-tracking, and more.

Home page link:

Belongs to Classes: Instant Messaging Applications

Vendor or Foundation:

Project Administrator or Product Manager: John Doe


User Groups:


Operating Systems:

Packaged In:

Programming Languages: PHP

Programming Interfaces (API):

Graphical Interfaces (GUI):

Available languages:


This is all I added so far (still many gaps). Any suggestions anyone?

Post #417 - Reply to (#412) by Alinutza
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Date: 6:34 pm, Dec 7 2006
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well we don't really have a foundations.. the major contributors would be me and cortex... license is gpl, os is all, packaged in? a tar.gz i guess, no gui... i'm the admin/manager. available language is really only english right now.

Interesting though, you guys must be very motivated to be going to each individual site and asking! Good luck with your site!

If you need some specific info, i'd be happy to help.


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Date: 5:53 pm, Dec 8 2006
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Thanks a lot Manick. I've updated a little (just languages and licenses) : . If you and John Dow are the same person then the Project Manager is filled correctly :). Anyways, I ask all this questions because I can't be an expert at all this categories (or can I ? :D) and every community knows best its product.
If you feel that the information listed on PHP-IRC is not complete, feel free to change it. Of course, reviews/ratings are welcomed too


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