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Date: 10:51 pm, Jul 24 2007
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i wrote a madlib that runs when you say my bots name it picks 2 random nouns and a verb and places them in this sentence:

im in your noun verb -ing your noun.

i then gave the ability for users in the channel to add to the verb and noun list using

!nadd noun verb noun

i then added more madlibs and now the channel its in is bassically full of my bots name and hundreds of hilarious responses :(


cowbot: Im alone in my room licking your lamp.
a: haha
b: cowbot
cowbot: Im touching your centipedes.
b: cowbot
cowbot: Im getting your credit.
b: ...
b: cowbot
cowbot: Im fighting your bone.

methinks ill remove the code shortly :D

Your friendly neighborhood bug magnet - ahref
Post #669
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Date: 6:25 am, Jan 3 2008
Posts: 1

Does a SpamServ count as crazy? :D
I'll post up the code soon.

-Advanced StatBot
Post #673 - Reply to (#581) by ahref
Date: 7:30 am, Jan 16 2008
Posts: 4

Any chance I can get a copy of this module?

Sounds quite teh LOLful.


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