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Mail System

To install Mail System simply copy the files to your bots module/ directory then edit function.conf and add the following line and it will enable Mail System 1.0:<br />
include modules/mailsys/mailsys_mod.conf<br />
<br />
Mail System 1.0 does require MySQL in order to function; if the Bot has got MySQL running then Mail System will automatically create the table in the database.<br />
<br />
To send a message simply do /msg YourBotName send TargetNick Message<br />
<br />
If you get any trouble feel free to message me.


Version Changes Downloads Download
1.0 Initial Release 2036 Download

Author: Addramyr
Added: Jul 31, 2006
Rating: 8 (1 votes)
Downloads: 2036
Views: 2166
Current Version: 1.0
Download: Download

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