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Official Support Thread

Werewolf Game

*** Don't use this version. Use the version from Mad_Clog. He fixed the bugs. He is now handling all the updates. I will submit future updates to him, so he can check the code and fix my errors. Thanks Mad_Clog. ***

This is a game that I could use some help with. It currently works, to a point. There are a few bugs with it that I need some help with.

Go here for a description of the game: http://nonstophits.net/werewolf

-- First day/Night is normally shortened due to lag from the bot having too many messages to send.
-- People are supposed to die if they do not vote during the day twice in a row...sometimes, at random, a person dies on the very first vote.
-- Sometimes when someone is killed/lynched, it states their nick as being 0


Version Changes Downloads Download
Version 0.9b Initial Release 1963 Download

Author: Juice
Added: Apr 15, 2006
Rating: Not yet rated
Downloads: 1963
Views: 2574
Current Version: Version 0.9b
Download: Download

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