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White Wolf Dice Roller

A mod that adds commands for rolling dice for white wolf games. Uses the random.org php client to get random numbers (http://www.random.org/clients/php-client)

Syntax for commands:

!command <number of dice> <reason (optional)>

!roll 10s reroll
!9roll 9s & 10s reroll
!8roll 8s, 9s, & 10s reroll
!sroll No rerolls, 1s subtract
!chance Chance die
!init roll initiative
!inits ditto

!chance, !init, & !init don't require a number of dice (since the number's always 1)

Feel free to contact me if you catch any bugs, especially if you fix said bugs.


Version Changes Downloads Download
0.3 Option to buffer numbers, sets user_agent to your email address so they can notify you if something's wrong, switches to hot bits if random.org's buffer is too low. 2125 Download
0.2 Fixed errors in config file (ie the change is the thing now _works_ =P ) Added/modified Credits Added ability to choose between RNGs. Choose by setting $random in the class prototype. Added command !rng, which tells the current RNG. 1088 Download
0.1 Initial Release 1212 Download

Author: proof_of_death
Added: Mar 11, 2006
Rating: Not yet rated
Downloads: 4425
Views: 6533
Current Version: 0.3
Download: Download

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