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Various Modules

More modules based on Xikeon's slap script. All modules will soon be individually available shortly.

The new archive is 1.9mb and uploads are limited to 1mb. As soon as unixpod synchs user's subdomains to the new server (currently they're on the old), It will be available at http://efreak.unixpod.com/various2.0.tar.gz.
To open the new module, you will have to extract in two operations: ungzip and then untar.

All of the scripts below will soon be in their own modules. Thanks to Xikeon for coding the !slap module. Almost none of these would have been possible without it. If you want to thank someone, thank Xikeon, not me (Main change was find/replace and file renaming).

These are various modules developed for my bot. If you wish to see any of them in action, go to #EndOfTheInternet or #Games on irc.Amsterdam.NL.EU.mugglenet.com. Some of these are nsfw. Some of them are offensive. I don't want to hear about it.

Very little of the coding done is mine. Mostly the code was borrowed from the original slap script here, and adapted for my own purposes.

This is all there is. The unmod module does not as yet work, and is completely my coding. If you have any ideas on how to make it work, go ahead and create a module.

Some of these scripts have large databases.

External Scripts: (modules direct from the website)
Core modules (except priv_mod)
!8ball magic8ball
!bcalc bcalc_mod
!google google_search
httpd (doesnt seem to work universally)
httpdext (doesnt seem to work universally)
!iphp (crashes the bot. not sure why--unmodified)
!peak peak_mod
!quote quotes_ini
!quote quotes_sql
!slap (has a larger database, however)
!tld tld_mod

Modified modules from the website (All are fully functional except priv_mod)
Broken: !shutdown (using this will crash the bot)
!spawn (edit the .php file and put your nickname in the config)
Usage: !spawn Botnick configfile
Broken: !function (doesnt seem to work, but doesnt crash the bot, either)
!eightball: has over 100 responses. Modified !slap module.
!bakery: has many types of donuts and other baked goods. Modified !slap module.
!bar: has mixed drinks, beer, etc. Modified !slap module.
!bean: Dispenses Berty Bott's every flavor beans. Modified !slap module.
!churchsign: displays quotes from church signs. Modified !slap module.
!cins: Has childish insults. Modified !slap module.
!cnorris: Chuck norris quotes. Modified !slap module.
!dbj: Dead baby jokes. Modified !slap module.
!drug: Drug dealer. Modified !slap module.
!emo: does emo things. Modified !slap module.
fu: responds to fu, fuck, fuck you, etc. Intended to annoy users who curse (backfires). Modified !slap module.
!link: gives out some funny links. Modified !slap module.
m_invite: Modified to keep channels from being duplicated on the maintain list (original mod doesnt check). Maybe bot is in too many channels, or banned--now the channel is only on the maintain list once.
!monkey: quotes from the Monkey Island games. Modified !slap module.
!question: silly/stupid questions. Modified !slap module.
!rape: rapes people. Modified !slap module.
!religiouslink: similar to !link. Modified !slap module.
!saying: silly/stupid sayings. Modified !slap module.
!stripper: strips and/or stripdances. Modified !slap module.
werewolf: has more themes in it
!wizz: pees on people

Broken modules:
Priv_Mod: !shutdown and !function are broken. Module is stable so long as !shutdown is turned off (or just dont use it).
m_invite: some of my added functionality (msging the bot owner when someone uses !invite) doesnt work.
onjoin: This was intended to be something like the mirc script

On *:JOIN:# .describe # spanks $nick

un_mod: intended to deop a single person. Does not work. Do not load.


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1.0 Initial Release 2327 Download

Author: efreak
Added: May 7, 2008
Rating: Not yet rated
Downloads: 2327
Views: 2373
Current Version: 1.0
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