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Invite Responder 2.0

An expanded version of rikardn's Invite Responder; This module keeps the maintain list from growing too large, and optionally notifies when bot is invited.
This module has been fixed; invite notifications now work, and it also notifies the user that their invite attempt has been logged. It is not actually logged, and there are no plans to make such a log.


Version Changes Downloads Download
3.0 Fixed notification of owner. Can invite as many people as you wish Will notify the other user that their invite attempt has been logged (no log is made; this is just an optional notice) 2019 Download
2.0 Initial Release 1120 Download

Author: efreak
Added: Feb 27, 2008
Rating: Not yet rated
Downloads: 3139
Views: 2404
Current Version: 3.0
Download: Download

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