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A small module to to provide a generic !help for all modules (the ones you want to)


You need to change the typedefs.conf.
Change the priv section to:

type priv ~ ;----Used to process input of users in channels
name ~
active ~
inform ~
canDeactivate ~
usage ~
module ~
function ~
section ~ ;---- String - section
args ~ ;---- String - <arg1> <arg2> etc. like dcc usage
help ;---- String - Description of the function

The change to typedefs.conf will ofc make mods who use "priv" in their current config files stop working as the conf file won't load right.
Just add 'null "" ""' at the end of them and they will work as before.

Any function that has "" (empty string) for the help part will not display help (if there are functions you do not
wish to advertise).

You also need to add a section description to the module you are implementing help for.

See the commands_mod.conf for an example


Version Changes Downloads Download
0.2 Updated readme file 3811 Download
0.1a resubmitting zip file 1807 Download

Author: aragno
Added: Feb 14, 2007
Rating: 1 (1 votes)
Downloads: 5618
Views: 4592
Current Version: 0.2
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