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Slap Mod

With the slap mod you can entertain your channel users. You can have fun by teaching the bot some slaps, and then slap others.

.slap <name>
That will slap <name>
.addslap <msg>
That will add a slap. Insert {NICK} for the name said in !slap <name> and {USER} for the name who told the bot to slap
This will show all un-approved slaps. Un-approved slaps will be used, but you can still see if you want to delete them.
.adminslap <ok|del> <slap>
That will approve or delete a slap.

To give yourself access to the admin, you must know your "ident". Edit slap_mod.php and look for $allow
In that var (array) add your own ident and you'll get access. Don't know your ident? Look in your Command Line, it's added before all mesages.

Have fun!


Version Changes Downloads Download
0.1 Initial Release 2277 Download

Author: Xikeon
Added: Oct 25, 2006
Rating: Not yet rated
Downloads: 2277
Views: 2739
Current Version: 0.1
Download: Download

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