• DCC Chat Support with custom DCC Chat handlers
  • DCC File transfer support (inc. mIRC Rev. Protocol)
  • Modular based function support
  • Event based, with user-definable event handling
  • Full support for timers
  • Channel and user tracking, with user modes and count
  • Multiple bots under one process
  • Remote admin via DCC Chat or private message
  • MySQL support
  • Very in-depth documentation
  • ... and much more!

PHP-IRC is a modular IRC bot written in PHP5 with a combination of object based/oriented programming. It operates under several different platforms with the purpose of automating common information related tasks on IRC. There are two main reasons that PHP was selected as the primary language. First off, I wanted to provide novice programmers a way to code their own functions and abilities into a powerful platform without having to worry about such things as memory management and compilers. Secondly, I wanted to do something that no one has done before--create a fully featured bot in php. I don't know if I will ever complete the second objective, but I will keep on developing, as it will always be the main goal of this project.

Support from other users continues!

If you have just discovered PHP-IRC, support for the bot continues here in the forums. Officially the bot is retired so this is your best bet for support at this time.

Posted by Nefus at 3:05pm, November 26th


This actually happened quite a while ago, but I'll just mention it here ... I've since moved on from this project and I'm afraid I don't have time to work on it anymore. Because of this, there will be no more official versions of PHP-IRC.

Thanks for all the support. This site will stay up, and the mods will remain available, but there will be no further developments.

Posted by Manick at 7:54am, November 23rd

Downloading Fixed

Mod downloading was busted... It should be fixed now.

Posted by Manick at 3:09pm, January 12th